See below for answers to some frequently asked questions – or if you can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to get in touch with us at contact team.

Does it fit my camper?

Over the years we’ve had many names to describe our off-road campers. We engineer all our products to best fit each model. Therefore, to keep things simple, we categorise our campers by tent setup.

Many items sold fits all Ultimate campers. For example, all campers can fit a door organiser, an awning pole or a floor multimat. However, most of our canvas and upholstery items (tents, awnings, rooms etc) only fit certain campers.

If required, we will state the tent setup under does it fit my camper in the product description.

On the product categories page you can also filter items by tent setup. Simply “Select Your Tent” for a quick and easy overview for items that fit your camper.

What are standard, 180 and 360 tents?

Standard tents

A standard tent can also be called a traditional tent. These are usually our older models and base model campers. A standard tent includes these campers:

  • Xtrk, Xplor, Xterra, Xterrain, MK1, Bushhopper, Odyssey, Enterprise, 101.
180-360 tents

A 180-360 tent will be those of you who bought our premium campers from our latest lineup. A 180 or 360 tent includes these campers:

  • Xplor 180, GT 180, Nexus 180 and GT 360, Nexus 360.

I’d like to buy a camper…

Great! We are happy to hear it. At Ultimate Campers Shop we specialise in all things after sales for your camper. Whether that’s replacing parts or adding new upgrades – see it as fine-tuning your camper.

However, if you are interested in purchasing an Ultimate Campers please click here for a quotation.

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