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Moisture is often the biggest culprit for ruining sheets and mattresses. Air Mesh Bed Underlay helps to circulate air and prevent condensation build up – keeping your mattress clean, fresh and long-lasting!


This is Made to Order, expect 4-6 weeks delivery approx. View shipping & delivery for more info.

  • Prevents moisture build up that ruins mattresses & sheets.
  • Allows for airflow and circulation under the mattress.
  • Stops unpleasant stains, smells and dampness.
  • Highly recommended for all mattresses (foam, memory foam and pocket spring).
  • Great for camping in extreme conditions (very hot or very cold).
  • Available in Black.
  • This is a self install kit.
  • Kit includes Velcro edged Underlay and Self-adhesive 50mm Loop Velcro.
  • Two options available – 1800mm is easier to install as the Velcro is already attached to the mesh, 2000mm requires you to cut the mesh and glue the Velcro but gives full Mesh area needed for old campers with full width bed.
Does it fit my camper?

Air Mesh Bed Underlay fits all Ultimate Campers.

What’s Included
  • 1 x Air Mesh Bed Underlay 2000mm L by 2000mm W with Hook Velcro Edging.(will need to be trimmed to size)
  • 1 x Velcro 8mm of 50mm Black Hook Self Adhesive.
  • 1 x Velcro 8mm of 50mm Black Loop.
  • 1 x KD Bond ‘n’ Seal Polyurethane Adhesive 300ml Cartridge, Black. (To glue Loop to Mesh)
  • OR

  • 1 x Air Mesh Bed Underlay 1920mm L by 1800mm W with 100mm Soft Velcro Edging Attached.
  • 1 x Velcro 8mm of 50mm Black Hook Self Adhesive.


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Know Your Tent

To know if an item fits your camper, simply refer to what tent setup you have.

Standard Tents:

Xtrk, Xplor, Xterra, Xterrain, MK1, Bushhopper, Odyssey, Enterprise, 101.

180-360 Tents:

Xplor 180, GT 180, Nexus 180 and GT 360, Nexus 360.

Does it fit my camper?

Not all items require a certain tent setup. If required, it will be stated under does it fit my camper? in the product description. Still unsure? Please view the Product FAQ page for more info.

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